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Policy Framework

The Saskatchewan Agri-Food Act, 2004, is the policy framework which provides the legal authority for SFSDC, as an agri-food agency,  to collect a producer levy and pool the contributions to support the promoting, developing, regulating, and controlling of the production and marketing of forage seed species grown in Saskatchewan.

A-15.21 - The Agri-Food Act, 2004
Chapter A-15.21 of The Statutes of Saskatchewan, 2004 (effective October 8, 2004) as amended by the Statutes of Saskatchewan, 2010, c.1; 2013, c.27; 2014, c.E-13.1; and 2018, c.2.
An Act respecting the Production and Marketing of Agricultural Products and to make a consequential amendment



The Forage Seed Development Plan Regulations A-15.21 Reg 3 (effective June 29, 2005) as amended by Saskatchewan Regulations 45/2006, 91/2009 and 13/2015.