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The 12th Annual General Meeting of the SFSDC was held in Saskatoon, SK on January 11, 2018. David Maxwell, SFSDC Chair began by introducing the Directors and Advisors of the Commission.

SFSDC AGM Jan112018
SFSDC AGM January 11, 2018. Saskatoon, SK. Source: SFSDC

David Maxwell provided his annual report with the following highlights:

  • This is my final Chairman’s report as my 3rd term as Director has come to its conclusion;
  • The Commission is evolving with a budget that is making a difference in the forage seed world;
  • The venue change to Saskatoon was made to accommodate producers who may want attend Crop Production Show and the Leafcutter AGM. Please provide us with your feedback about this change;
  • Your Commission is fortunate to have researchers like Jessica Pratchler, Stu Brandt, Eric Johnson and Dr. Biligetu who dedicate themselves to the industry;
  • Thank you to the Ministry of Agriculture who has been there when we needed assistance. For example, some of today’s speaker costs and our current website upgrade are funded by Saskatchewan Agriculture; and
  • A special thank you to Nels Smelland who is retiring from the Board after six years of service.

Ray McVicar, Executive Director provided additional highlights of the 2016-2017 year:

  • We are upgrading the SFSDC website with funding provided by Saskatchewan Agriculture;
Dave Maxwell James Silcox Jan 11, 2018
David Maxwell (retiring Chair) and James Silcox (new Chair) at SFSDC AGM January 11, 2018.  Source: SFSDC
  • Thank you to DLF-Pickseed Canada, BASF Canada, Bayer CropScience, BrettYoung, Dow Agrosciences, DuPont Canada, Engage Agro, FMC Corporation, NuFarm Canada, Syngenta Canada, and AG-Vision Seeds for supporting the forage seed industry; and

  • The value of seed sales from producers was down in 2016-2017 from $13.8 Million to $8 Million due to the poor 2016 harvest conditions that decimated red clover seed crop. Grass species led the way in deliveries in 2016-2017.

The SFSDC Board consists of six Grower Directors and 2 appointed Directors. Retiring Directors were David Maxwell and Nels Smelland. A special thanks to David and Nels for their dedication to the Commission and the forage seed industry.

Returning Directors were James Silcox (new Chair), Morley Doerksen (new Vice-Chair), Denton Peifer (Treasurer), and Bill Biligetu (appointed). Two Grower Director positions are available. If you are interested in having a say into the workings of the Commission and in shaping the forage seed industry over the next few years, consider letting your name stand as a Director. Please contact the SFSDC office or any of the current Directors if you would like to talk about the idea.

Vice Chair, James Silcox updated the group on the planned activities and Budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. NeuPath Group, Nipawin SK was appointed as Auditor for 2017-2018.

Thank you to our grower members, forage seed buyers, researchers, as well as industry and government for their continued support of the Commission!

Posted February 6, 2018